Remedial Classes for SNACS (Students Needing Additional Curricular Support)
          Remedial classes for Students Needing Additional Curriculum Support (SNACS) are being conducted for students those who are slow in learning and needs additional to overcome their learning difficulties through special assistance with the help of experts, through counseling, and represent their understanding in the form of illustration (mind mapping) to improve the learning skill of the students and thereby the academic performance is improved. Additional coaching sessions were organized after college hours with acceptance of students and parents cooperation .also peer tutoring is recommended d by framing small groups with their classmates as group leader there by leader ship quality of advanced learners were enhanced

Mentor - Mentee
          Major group is divided in mini groups like 7-10 member in one group and a senior faculty is assigned with charge. Objective of implementing this concept is to identify the areas of students’ strength and weakness there by the needed support, guidance provided by creating an atmosphere of openness by their mentors, so that meaningful interaction between student and faculty achieved and trustful environment achieved. The mentees are instructed to meet their mentor once in a month to share the difficulties faced by them both personally and professionally

BLS Training
          BLS Training was offered to outgoing students with the objective to provide optimal training and skill in handle any such situation during disasters state-of-the-art simulation lab of vmcon and avmch to know component bls and acls , to every student who will serve to public in future as a clinical nurse. keen interest shown in training all the students who ever is passing out from vmcon to face the emergency confidently

Inter –Disciplinary Teaching /Learning Programme
          Inter -Disciplinary Teaching/Learning Programmes were organized in the form conference, seminar workshops etc, to enhance their learning at the same time to provide efficient platform for knowledge exchange.Thisis well-accepted and effective educational strategy forproblem solving and critical thinking with collaborative decision making ability to develop among the students. Hope this will enhance quality of learning.

Language sessions
          Students from other state and different mother tongue were increasingly enrolled in different levels of nursing courses. Today’s nurse happened to provide care, education and case management to an increasingly diverse population, this situation the challenged nurses with a triad of cultural, linguistic and health literacy barriers specially with beginners in this field. Nurses are in an ideal position to facilitate the interconnections between patient culture and language to improve the health outcome. To bridge this gap in patient care, classes are arranged in languages like tamil hindi, even urudu for outgoing student who are interested in take up job in north India and gulf countries