Attain excellence in nursing education through preparation of committed professional nurse to excel quality care in global perspectives.


This institution is committed to prepare graduates in nursing. In various levels like diploma, undergraduates and post graduates to render quality health care services in preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of health care at the national and international level with global perspectives.

Quality Policy

The quality of our institution lies in apposite curriculum administration with standard infrastructure, highly qualified, experienced faculty with dedication and professional approach guides the students to achieve rich and rewarding experiences in nursing profession.


The Faculty of this college believes that graduate nurses will be able to apply nursing theories into nursing practice, education and administration.

The graduate nurses prepared for leadership position in the educational institution, hospital with various specialty area as a consultant, educator, administrator and researcher.

The faculty believes that graduate Programme encourages accountability and commitment to the learners and to the society.

The nurse researcher will be able to take research activities and implement those recommendations in nursing service and education.

The graduate nurses will be able to function as a public health administrator to implement national health Programmes at community level.


Prepare the graduate to become a competent nurse to render quality care in preventive, promotive and rehabilitative aspect of health at national and global level.

Prepare the diploma nurse to render care both in the hospital and community health set up at all levels.

Prepare the graduate to become teacher in schools & nursing colleges.

Prepare postgraduates to become administrators in the hospital and community health settings.

Encourage the graduates to persue higher studies