The Department of Child Health Nursing is par with framework of Indian Nursing Council.This unique department deals with the art and science of caring the Newborn and those up to the age of18 years. It focuses towards the quality of Child Health Education andTrainingleading to quality education in learners and health outcomes in children. The department was upgraded with recent edition of books related to Newborn and Child Health.

The Child Health nursing laboratories have an array of Models, Simulators, Charts and play materials. The design of the lab is based on Objective Structured Clinical Examination with five skill stations specifically for anthropometric measurements, Basic procedures, Stoma care, Neonatal Resuscitation and Pediatric resuscitation. This lab provides solid foundation and first hand experience in handling Neonates and Children with help of simulators, manikins and also other newborn and child related procedures.The students are exposed to a wide gamut of child care through these facilities.


The vision of the child health nursing department is to develop an understanding of the modern concept of child care and utilize the latest trends in caring for children and neonates.


The mission of the child health nursing department is to prepare the students to assume responsibilities as profession, competent nurses in providing promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services for the children in various age groups.


We, the faculty of child health nursing believes that the students will identify the health needs of children, planning and providing quality care in collaborative with other health professional and community groups.

We, the faculty of child health nursing also believes that the faculty have the responsibilities to be the role model and create learning environment that enables the student to acquire inquiry driven, self directed learning and foster an attitude of lifelong learning.

Best Practices

Based on the national recommendation the students were regularly trained in newborn resuscitation from 2014 onwards.

Infant and young child feeding counselor of the department trains the student in optimal breast feeding practices and weaning preparation and introduction regularly from 2016 onwards.

In par with Breast feeding promotion network of india, the antenatal and postnatal mothers were given regular counseling services by the experts of the department from 2016 onwards.

As a capacity building strategy, staff nurses and students are regularly trained on newborn care from 2015 onwards.

Thrust Area

     1. Neonatal care

     2. Non Communicable Disease in children

     3. Health literacy

Neonatal danger signs

Health seeking behavior of parents

Point of quality improvement in newborn care

Magnitude, complication & Prevention of childhood obesity

Blood pressure in children


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