The college and hospital are housed in the same single campus; but the buildings are separate.  They are built in the middle of 31 acres of land.  Apart from these two buildings, the institution also has students’ hostel, C.R.R.I. hostel and staff quarters. There are seven-play grounds apart from track & field area.

The college area is 3,41,000 sq. ft. New additions in the form of classrooms, demo halls, laboratories and lecture hall are being constructed.   There are four galleried air-conditioned lecture halls in the college and one in hospital.  The auditorium is big and can hold 800 persons at a time. In the hospital there are 26 departments including Accident & Emergency.  The bed strength is 540.  Patients from Pondicherry as well as from surroundings villages attend the hospital.  The hospital area is 2,20,000 sq. ft.

  • Facilities for Special Radiography (For example, Barium and Dye Studies), Ultrasonographs, C.T. Scans , mammographs, Echo Cardiography, TMT, MRI are available
  • The hospital has latest equipments such as MRI, CT Scan, dialyser etc..
  • The MRI is open type and is 0.3 tesla capacity.


The casualty section has been upgraded to Accident and emergency section with 20 Post Graduates getting trained in this specialty.  The Accident and Emergency section is capable of managing any sort of emergency cases.   The casualty has ventilator, defibrillator, mobile X ray ECG machine etc.


There are another six departments on the clinical side having postgraduate’s courses.  Apart from the regular clinical departments super specialty departments such as Plastic Surgery, Nephrology, gastroenterology and Vascular Surgery are functioning in the hospital.  Well-qualified doctors are working in the various clinical departments.

Various research schemes including those, which assess the potency of various drugs, are being carried out.  Many medical camps are being conducted in the various villages.  Students are made to participate in these two programmes.

Operation Theaters

There are 12 main operation theaters, which are air conditioned ones.  Two are for General Surgery two are for Obstetrics and Gynecology and one each for E.N.T, Orthopedics and Ophthalmology.  Special equipment such us c–arm, resuscitation equipments, operating microscopes etc. are available.

a. Medicine & Allied Specialities No. of Teaching Beds No. of Units Average Bed occupancy / Day( % of Teaching Beds)
i. General Medicine 120 4 82%
ii. Paediatrics 60 2 81%
iii. Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases 20 1 78%
iv. Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy 30 1 81%
v. Psychiatry 10 1 78%
Total 240    
b. Surgery & Allied Specialities      
i. General Surgery 120 4 81%
ii. Orthopaedics 60 2 80%
iii. Ophthalmology 20 1 80%
iv. Oto – Rhino – Laryngology 40 1 78%
Total 240    
c. Obstetrics & Gynaecology      
i. Obstetrics 30 2 81%
ii. Gynaecology 30 80%
Total 60    
TOTAL BEDS: A+B+C =   540