The Department of Medical-Surgical Nursing has developed from an entry-level position to a distinct specialty. The Department of Medical Surgical Nursing deals with Nursing foundation and Medical Surgical Nursing for undergraduate and Advanced Nursing Practice, Clinical Specialty-I and Clinical Specialty-II: super specialty for Post Graduate students.The department is having highly qualified, experienced competent faculty with defined research knowledge who uses various innovative teaching strategies.

The curriculum structured for Medical Surgical Nursing enables the students to gain knowledge, skill and desirable attitudes in providing nursing care to adult patients with various illnesses. The subject is focused in II, III & IV years of B.Sc (N), I year of P.B.B.Sc (N) & I & II years of M.Sc (N).

The department provides student centered teaching and learning by adopting innovative teaching learning methods like Small Group Learning, Self Learning Module, Context Based Learning, Team based learning,Personalized learning,The Programmed Instruction method and Simulation.We are organizing international/national/ state conference, workshop, seminars with TNNMC credit hours.

MSN believes in students learning by organizing international/national/ state conference, workshop, seminars with TNNMC credit hours.

The Nursing foundations syllabus includes concepts of health, code of ethics, physiological & psychological needs of the patients, process of nursing in various clinical settings. Students get in-depth knowledge and skill in basic procedures like Vital signs, physical examinations, hygienic needs, nutritional needs, elimination needs, and therapeutic needs etc. The class room teaching is provided with advanced educational technology by experienced faculty. Students are practice these basic procedures in various areas like medical wards, surgical, orthopedic pre-operative and post-operative wards in the parent hospital - Aarupadai Veedu Medical College & Hospital.


To attain excellence in nursing education in the field of Medical and Surgical Nursing to create a platform for advanced care with innovative ideas in technology while taking care of adults and geriatric society.


Prepare graduate at various level to excel advanced comprehensive / holistic care in modern era to the society with adult including geriatric clients. Also to practice the evidence based nursing at global perspectives.


The department of medical surgical nursing believes that:

Medical surgical nursing is essential to prepare nurses to improve the quality of nursing care rendered by the students to different patients affected with various body systems.

It encompasses the students to provide promotive, preventive, curative & rehabilitative care of adult patient including geriatrics across their life span in wide variety of health care settings.

Students are specialized in master degree are able to render different specialty clinical settings.


The students gets wider clinical experience and skill as they care adults in various wards like General Medical wards, General Surgical wards, ICU’s, Causality & Emergency wards, Operation Theatres etc., in the parent hospital (AVMC&H), IGGGH, Puducherry and The Govt. Head Quarters Hospital, Cuddalore


Nursing Foundation lab and Advanced Nursing Lab is available for both UG and PG students. It is about 1162 square feet area and designed in OSCE station with 10 cubicles.The lab has got well equipped with adequate number of international Mannequins & simulators that help to class room teaching with skill learning successfully where students get hands on experience for various procedures are available as per INC norms.

Simulation corner and self-learning desk is designed to give students training for basic nursing procedure to advanced procedures like venipuncture, oxygen administration, Tracheostomy care, ostomy care suturing, CPR, and endotracheal intubation.Students are given hands on training in the lab before they practice in the actual clinical area.


Nursing research is vital to the nursing profession and is necessary for continuing advancements that promote quality nursing care. The faculty and students are constantly motivated to focus on the research activities to promote quality health outcomes for individuals, families, communities and health care systems. Our department has completed 50 projects and 50 publications in national and international indexed journals including scopus indexed.

Research - Thrust area : Non Communicable Diseases (including adults & geriatrics).

Sub – themes of research thrust area :
1. Cardio Vascular diseases
2. Stroke
3. Diabetes Mellitus
4. Chronic respiratory diseases
5. Kidney diseases
6. Arthritis / Musculoskeletal diseases
7. Vision Impairments
8. Unintentional injuries (Accidents)
9. Cancer
10. Chronic neurological diseases (Alzheimer’s diseases, Seizure disorder)
11. Aging Problems
12. Obesity

Social Responsibilities

The Department of Medical-Surgical Nursing organizes many programmes such as health awareness rally like diabetes and glaucoma, exhibition, awareness and mass education programmes like cancer, myocardial infarction, TB, kidney day, diabetes education & its diet, hypertension, psoriasis, AIDS, Nipah, etc…every year.

Recent Activities

Cancer awareness day celebration – 24.02.2021
World Kidney day celebration – 11.03.2021
Guest Lecture on Efforts towards TB Elimination - 29.03.2021
Faculty Development Programme on Curriculum Mapping – 17.05.2021
Journal Club Presentation – 23.07.2021
World Heart day celebration – 29.09.2021
Seminar on Building life to recovery after trauma – 19.10.2021
Guest Lecture on Geriatric services and programmes in digital era – 18.10.2021
Breast cancer awareness- Health Education and Role play – 30.10.2021
Observance of World Diabetes Day – 15.11.2021 & 16.11.2021
National Epilepsy day celebration – 17.11.2021

Cancer awareness day celebration – 24.02.2021
Observance of World Cancer day – 15.02.2020
Mass Health Education Programme on Prevention on Urinary Tract Infection among Women – 21.02.2020
Guest Lecture cum Competition on Cancer Screening and Prevention - 12.03.2020
International nursing webinar series II: Stem Cell Factories – Are we entering into an era where organ transplantation is obsolete – 30.06.2020
National Quiz programme on World Heart day- 29.09.2020
Guest Lecture on Aortic Aneurysm – 06.10.2020
Guest Lecture on Aortic Aneurysm – 08.10.2020

Sixth National Conference on “Sustainability in Excellence-Maximizing Skills in Critical Care” - 24.01.2019
Mass Awareness Programme (MAP): Myocardial Infarction - 26.02.2019
Guest Lecture on Furtherance in Management of Myocardial Infarction - 08.03.2019
Awareness Rally on Glaucoma - 10.03.2019
Cancer Awareness Programme - 12.03.2019
Tuberculosis Awareness Day Celebration - 25.03.2019
Kidney Health Awareness Day - 26.03.2019
Mass Education Programme on “Prevention Of Head Injury”- 13.04.2019
Guest Lecture on Poly Trauma - 23.05.2019
World Sight Day Rally - 30.10.2019
Observance of World Diabetes Day: Family and Diabetes (Two Days Programme) - 14.11.2019 & 15.11.2019
Faculty Development Programme on Nurturing Workplace Culture – 23.11.2019
Seminar Cum Intercollegiate Competition on Epilepsy is more than Seizure – 25.11.2019

Extended Activities

Participated in SWACHH BHARATH ABIYAN – CLEAN INDIA programme organized by the Government Headquarters Hospital. Cuddalore.

Best Practices


OSCE for various system assessment
Direct patient care
Context based learning
Evidence based practices
Student centric, self-directing pedagogy
Mentoring and counselling
Social responsibility


Ethical clearance

Dissemination of research output to others