The Department of Community Health Nursing is one among the six departments of Vinayaka Mission College of Nursing, Puducherry. The department actively participates in training, service, and research in the field of community health nursing. The field training is imparted in both rural and urban areas. The community subject cover with UG, PG &Superspeciality.


The rural community health training is given at Government Primary Health Centre, Ariyankuppam,, Abishakapakkam and Government Urban Health Center, Reddiarpalayam (Puducherry District). Also the department service extended to adopted centres by AVMC&H namely Chinnakanganakuppam and its field practice areas include 3 villages (Narambai, Nallavadu & Moorthykuppam). The VMCON provides preventive, promotive, curative, rehabilitative and referral services to the residents of 3 villages. The department actively participates in all national health programmes implemented by Government of India and State government. The department laboratory with a floor area of 1000sq.ft, has an excellent infrastructure to aid teaching and learning activities includes innovative student models, puppets of different characters.


“To offer diverse learning experience that facilitates the development of competent community health nurse and valuable citizens, who demonstrate excellence in community service, family & individual care, education and research”.


The mission of the Community Health Nursing department is to provide quality nursing for preparing professionals towards optimizing health of community of the People in an ever changing health care environment.

The faculty is also believes in evidenced based research activities that enhances quality of services and overall development of nursing students in par with national and international standards by focusing on community related problems.


The philosophy of care is based on the belief that care directed to the individual, the family and the group contributes to the health care of the population as a whole.

The community health nurse is not restricted to the care of a particular age of diagnostic group.

Participation of all consumers of health care is encouraged in the development of community activities that contribute to the promotion of, education about and maintenance of good health.

Community health nursing meeting the national priority and the changing needs of the society focusing on primary level.

Best Practices

UBA in rural upliftment

Swach Bharat Abiyan- Summer internship training programme on “clean India Campaign” enrolled with 180 students


Clinical Service

Provides preventive, curative, rehabilitative and referral services. The students are trained on core competencies for clinical care (WHO, 2010) in the community health .The core competencies for clinical care range from health assessment, disease management, case finding, case management, observation and treatment according to delegated responsibility, etc. Regular surveys / enumeration are carried out for planning and implementation of health programmes.

Screening of communicable and non communicable diseases, such as DM, HT and Cardiovascular diseases, cancer cervix , TB, Filaria, dengue fever and HIV & AIDS. Regular home visits are made by community health nursing students under the supervision of the department faculty members.

Students perform physical assessment of different age groups including antenatal and postnatal assessment, nutritional assessment, socioeconomic and environment assessment and identify the health needs and problems of the family.

Apply nursing process in the family which includes assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation steps. It also includes promoting health behavior including food and nutrition, physical exercise, counseling, self-care, treating of minor illnesses, complementary therapies etc.

Surveillance and referrals/follow up for acute and critical illnesses.

Empowering and capacity building of community agencies/ organizations, groups and networks to encourage collaborative community initiatives on healthy physical environment and sanitation, food safety, healthy workplaces, road safety, and nurturing social relations and activities among people in the community.

On regular basis, the department conducts school health programme for both private and government schools. The package includes school health examination, referral and health education programme.

In collaboration with other departments of AVMC&H, the department conducts free medical camps in the schools and community.

Conduct need based individual, group and mass health education program regularly in the family, community, health centre, and schools.

Nursing students actively participate in all national health programmes, most importantly in Maternal and Child Health, Immunization Programme, Filaria, Malaria, TB, Leprosy and HIV/AIDS programmes in collaboration with government and public health sector.

Participate actively during epidemics.


The Department caters to the learning needs of the students of B.Sc. (N) II year& IV year, B.Sc. Nursing (Post Basic) II year, M.Sc.(N) I year and II year Community Health Nursing specialty. Further, Maternal and Community Mental Health Nursing experience is provided OBG, and Psychiatric nursing postgraduate students.The distribution of community health theory and clinical hours for undergraduate and postgraduate nursing students is as follows:

S.No Programme Subject Theory Practical
1 B.Sc.(N)- II Year Community Health Nursing- I 90 135
2 B.Sc.(N)- IV Year Community Health Nursing- II 90 330
3 B.Sc. Nursing (Post Basic) - II Year Community Health Nursing 60 240
4 M.Sc. (N) I year Community Health Nursing Specialty Community Health Nursing 150 650
5 M.Sc. (N) II year Community Health Nursing Specialty Community Health Nursing 150 900
6 M.Sc. (N) I year Advanced Nursing Practice 20 40

Laboratory Activities

The students are provided with fully equipped laboratory and have facilities to perform various activities to enable the students to meet their curricular requirements during their community clinical experience. They are provided with.

A bag -to perform physical examination, urinalysis and check the vital signs of the individual in the various age groups.

Nutritional measuring cups-24 hours dietary recall for all target groups AV Aids – charts, posters, puppets, flannel graph, hygiene kit and family welfare kit.

Records and reports – area map, family folders, and assessment forms of various age group.

Family folders are stored in the computer and updated periodically by the students to facilitate long term follow up.

Teachers / Faculty Training :

Faculty members are periodically trained by university faculty development programme and research workshop.

Innovative Teaching

Self Learning Desk : The skills lab of the department focuses on improving skill development among students. The required equipments for the procedure are provided in the learning desk for a student to practice and enhance his / her skill and knowledge component.

Competency-Based Learning (CBL) : The CBL is implemented to ensure whether the students meet achievement and mastery benchmarks it focuses on student mastery of performance and learning outcomes through a set of pre-defined learning objectives. Students are encouraged to demonstrate mastery of the identified competencies in the clinical area at their own pace. This method is tailored to meet the needs of students with different learning abilities and leads to efficient student outcomes.

Top scorer of the subject is awarded Gold Medal for aggregate of the mark in the Community Health Nursing II subject both theory and practical in IV year B.Sc. Nursing.

Clinical Focus

Faculty members supervise and guide the students in the clinical area to apply the theory into practice. Students are helped to meet their log book requirements. Various clinical teaching methods like demonstration, nursing rounds, case presentations, nursing conference are carried out.

Service Areas Covered :

Rural : Ariyakuppam Rural training centre of AVMC&H :




Urban: ChinnakanganankuppamUrban Health

Service Provided :

Demographic survey

Home visits

Nursing procedures like health assessment for various age groups, including physical and nutritional assessment

Simple laboratory investigations like urinalysis for albumin and sugar

Provides priority based nursing care for all age group

Renders individual, group and mass health education programmes

Conducts school health services

Implements national health program in collaboration with public health sector

Major focus of care involves maternal and child health, geriatrics and mental health

Conducts free medical camp regularly with AVMC&H

Conducts mass awareness program 1-2 / year (minimum)

Participates actively in all National Health Programmes like pulse polio, dengue awareness, filariasis, leptospirosis, etc

Thrust Areas of the Department

Communicable disease (TB, Malaria, AIDS)
Maternal and child health (Antenatal, intranatal, postnatal,& child care)
Community nutrition (malnutrition, obesity)
Non- communicable disease (DM, Hypertension, Cardio vascular disease)
Geriatric Health (common health issue)

Extended Activities
   Collaborating Organization

     1.Proposal submission for ICMR project

     2.UBA Project





Research Focus

The Department is actively participating in the clinical and non-clinical research in the following levels:




Completed Research Projects :
S.No Name of the Faculty Topic Year Journal
1 Mrs. Sangeetha Sridhar. K Sterno- costo-chondro-coracoidan muscle – a case report Apr 2015 Internaitonal journal of pharma and bio sciences6(2) : B
2 Mrs. Sangeetha Sridhar. Kr Wound healing activity of ethanolic extract of helicotropiumindicum leaves on burn wound model in rats 2014 International journal of pharmacology research Vol 4, issue 5
3 Mrs. Sangeetha Sridhar. K A stuidy to assess the knowledge of female condom among reproctive age group women in selected community area, Puducherry. Sep 2015 International journal of Advanced Nursing ISSN Vol I, Issue III- Sep 15
4 Mrs. Sangeetha Sridhar. K Phytochemical screening and gc-Ms analysis of Ethanolic extract of Tribulusterrestris 2016 International journal of pharmacological research
5 Mrs. Sangeetha Sridhar. K Prevalence of pre-hypertension among medical students in Puducherry Oct 2017 International Journal of Recent scientific research Volume 8 issue 10, October 2017:20632-36
6 Mrs.Angelin Jenifer.S A Study to assess the knowledge and attitude regarding LAMAZE method among antenatal mothers with a view to develop VAT Feb 2018 International journal of creative research thought Volume 6 Issue 1 February 2018:889-92
7 Mrs. Sangeetha Sridhar. K A comparative study to assess the cognitive function and life satisfaction among elderly people residing in families and old age home in selected urban ares at puducherry 2019 International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews
8 Mrs.Angelin Jenifer.S Assess the effectiveness of swatch bharat cleaning campaing in rural and urban areas of Puducherry 2018 Journal of community and public nursing
9 Mrs.Angelin Jenifer.S A True Experimental Study To assess the Effectiveness of Play Therapy Method among School going Children Regarding Dental Carries at Government Primary School Narambai, Puducherry Mar 2019 International Journal of Research and Analytical Review
10 Mrs.Angelin Jenifer.S A Correlation Study to Assess the Body Mass Index and Diabetes Mellitus in Selected Costal Area Puducherry Feb 2019 International Journal of Research and Analytical Review
11 Mrs.Arulmozhi.E To Assess The Risk Factors Of Polycystic Ovarian Disease among Women In Reproductive Age Group at Selected Areas of Puducherry, A Case Control Study Feb 2019 International Journal of Research analytical and reviews
12 Mrs.Angelin Jenifer.S A Case Control Study To Assess The Risk Factors Of Development of Foot Ulcers among the Clients with Diabetes Mellitus Residing in selected Rural Areas Of Sederapet, Puducherry Mar 2019 International Journal Of Emerging Technologies
13 M.Sc. (N) I year A True Experimental Study To Assess The Effectiveness Of Play Therapy Method Among School Going Children Regarding Dental Caries At Government Primary School, Narambai, Puducherry. Mar 2019 International journal of research and analytical reviews, Vol-6,Jan 2019.

On Going Project In The Following Thrust Areas OF Our Department

communicable disease (TB, Malaria, AIDS)

Maternal and child health (Antenatal, intranatal, postnatal,& child care)

Community nutrition (malnutrition, obesity)

Non- communicable disease (DM, Hypertension, Cardio vascular disease)

Geriatric Health (common health issue)


We do collaborative work and research with UBA, ICMR, primary health centre, 3adopted villages of VMCON, old age home, deaddition centre. Community medicine department, Rural Health and Training centre of AVMC&H , Clinical nutrition department.

Best Practice

Department of community health nursing works in collaboration with various other organization in the conduction of health camps and special health programmes in VMCON and adopted villages.

Department of community health nursing joints hands with Government of Puducherry for various health activities including Polio camps and source reduction programme.

Department of community health nursing interlinked with enrolment of 180 students in Swatch Bharat internship training programmes.