1. Neonatal care

2. Non Communicable Disease in children

3. Health literacy

           Neonatal danger signs

           Health seeking behavior of parents

           Point of quality improvement in newborn care

           Magnitude, complication & Prevention of childhood obesity

           Blood pressure in children

Communicable disease (TB, Malaria, AIDS)

Maternal and child health (Antenatal, intranatal, postnatal,& child care)

Community nutrition (malnutrition, obesity)

Non- communicable disease (DM, Hypertension, Cardio vascular disease)

Geriatric Health (common health issue)

Cardio Vascular diseases


Diabetes Mellitus

Chronic respiratory diseases

Kidney diseases

Arthritis / Musculoskeletal diseases

Vision Impairments

Unintentional injuries (Accidents)


Chronic neurological diseases (Alzheimer’s diseases, Seizure disorder)

Aging Problems


Behavioral Mental Health- Behavioral Problems, Conduct Disorder

Women’s Mental Health- Postpartum Psychosis, Postnatal Depression

Adolescents And Adulthood Mental Health-Substance Abuse, Sexual Disorders, Eating Disorders Personality Disorders, Adjustment Disorder

Occupational Mental Health- Stress, Burden, Coping, Depression, Anxiety

Geriatric Mental Health- Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, Amnestic Disorders

Psychiatric Emergencies-Suicide, Withdrawal Symptoms Of Substances, Aggressive Behavior

Adolescent pregnancy

Antenatal care: Preconception Care, Prevention of anemia

Toxemias of pregnancy

HIV Screening

Domiciliary Care

Complication and obstetric emergency during intranatal period

Complication of the postnatal period: Puperal sepsis,Thrombo-phlebitis,Deep vein Thrombosis,PPH